CTShatter 2.0

CTShatter is a script I wrote while attending Ex'pression College for Digital Arts.
The script slices an object multiple times into easily handled for dynamic breaks.

Blended Box Map For Maya 1.0 (Right Click, Save as to download. Rename .mel to source)

Blended Box Map for Maya is my attempt at recreating Neil Blevin's
Blended Box Map MAXscript in Maya, based on the Maya Blended
box map node hierarchy by Brian Smith

Source Code Unavailable for the Following:

LQATool is an Apple script I wrote while working at Electronic Arts
to aid in the install and uninstall of the game I was working on.
Functions include automatic installation and uninstallation of
product and expansion pack data, and quick language changing
under OS X

ImageGrabber is a script I wrote combining GUI functionality from
Vtask Studio and batch scripts to provide an easy way to recover
Disk images from a server

Scripts in progress:

Currently nothing is in progress, check back soon for updates!